I Alone Must Face Myself

by Until Yesterday

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Recorded October 2013 by Robert Patton in Lewis Center, Ohio.


released 03 December 2013
All music written by Until Yesterday
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Robert Patton
Album art by Nicholas Marzluf

Until Yesterday is:
Nicholas Marzluf- Vocals
Tyler Morris- Guitar
Nathan Robinson - Guitar
Alex Sheridan- Bass

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Track Name: Empty Frame
Lend me a hand for once. You promised me that I could learn this life. Now I fear that we are running out of time. A broken picture lies at my feet. A reflection of what we used to be. You haven’t seen the things that I’ve seen. If you could only see the white in her eyes. I don’t know if I fall in line. Moving forward, a blessing in disguise. Looking back on what I left behind. Calling out, but no one seems to hear a sound. The glass on the floor is breaking what’s left of my skin. You promised me that I was not the only one. I will have to figure this out on my own. This is not the state of my being, but another man entirely. Oh God, I’m constantly changing. Malleable morality. We reap the stitches that make up our ending. Just look at me. I have put my faith in something greater than myself. I will disconnect myself from the rest. My mind is in a different place. I know there is hope for me, but please just show me how to set free. Look at me, I am on the ground. Please tell me I’m not the only one.
Track Name: Gone
Why do I understand after I've already left? I begin to live after I'm gone. Is it too late to repent? Because I cannot feel anymore. I'm swimming in a sea of dead bodies, sinking to the end, where I can't find myself. Is it too late to repair this broken heart? I'm at a loss for words, and I don't know what else to say. No one ever seems to listen anyway, and that's fine with me because I'm not here to please. I've exposed all that's inside of me, and you just ran away. You are the reason I'm alone and that's why I left home. Searching for love (Now I’m gone). I'm slipping under the weight. This human nature held inside of me is my greatest enemy. This is an enemy I can never defeat. Suspended in air, alone and short of breath. Is this the day I die? Drowned by my convictions and ties to this place. You'll just watch me fade away. My lungs will give out on me. Erase all that I'll ever be. Stuck in between the now and not yet. I alone must face myself.
Track Name: Apathy
No, I’m not content with feeling contemptuous because I might always be this way. This is the way I was made, will I ever change? Living day by day. Longing for words to say. Why do I continue to sink into my mind and my sins just to be overcome with hate and greed? I think this is the end of me. Please just hear this plea. Help me to let go of me because I have been away for far too long. I lost myself somewhere in the undertow. I can’t breathe or see the light of day. Without your love I will surely fade away. Is this what they wanted? To watch me burn? Dust and ash just fall into the earth. I am my own advocate now I am yours. I’ll spread what needs to be heard. Now you can’t take this away. I built this with my bare hands and now I have nothing left. Don’t drag me back when I’ve come so far, or have I moved a step at all? You dragged me out. You forced me to leave. Turn around and face the truth standing right in front of you. No more apathy. Proclaim the truth and let live the progression of your mind. The answer will come in time. Again, I’m at an impasse. Which direction should I take? Show me the right way. Now I can see us clearly and you will guide us through. You are the ember that never goes out. We are the reason that we need you.
Track Name: Ciero//Inferno
So here he stands, a little boy without direction. Becomes a man and stays that way in digression. Sees the darkness in himself and he becomes one with it. Never knowing he had the power to defeat it. Out to face the world, the place they always said would be his one chance. Soon realizes that it’s become filled with evil. Rain pour down and wash away the regret the boy has held within him. Sun arrive and show him the world the way it was intended. Little boy, let go. You’ll find your calling and you’ll answer it. Through the forest and the darkness of the cavern. He sees a light and he heads towards it. What lies beyond is harder than ever. Walk away and he will never know it.
Track Name: Winter
Rebuild me from the inside out. Constructing a safe haven from doubt in myself. Doubt in everyone else. Show me trust. Show me love. Flourish in spring time, fading in winter. The season brings with it a desire to see a change in the world. We’re living to hope and to suffer. Planting the seed, bloom and thrive, and in time we die. Only in winter. Leave behind the seeds, the messages through generations. The cold is killing me. Warmth is all I seek. Snow fall on my skin. Lost inside my head. Sun inside our heads. Bringing life again. Fire burn me and wind carry me home. Never forgetting the things that you’ve done, and warming the cold inside my heart. Let it be, let it go. Hear the voice of your waters. Watch the tides turn in your favor. Living to love those that hurt us, it’s all that I know. My bones are rebuilding in this moment. Flowers blooming inside my head after my death. Face to face. Heart to heart. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. This is the cycle of the human life. This is the only thing that’s mine. God I need to see the light, but I’m afraid to step out of this shell that I call my body. My mind is the darkest source I know. Memories buried below the soil. You’ve killed all I know.
Track Name: Outlook
Looking in from the outside. Sinking in tides of sunlight. We never achieved what I had envisioned. Understand that you have been given a chance for redemption. What you’ve been longing for has been inside you all along. I know it hurts to be alive today after everything that we’ve seen fade away. As for my heart, it breaks everytime I see your face. I can’t bare to see your face, or even hear your name. Cry yourself to sleep child, but you’ll unlock the key. “Live for today”, but you ran away at every opportunity I gave. Is it so easy to take it away? Separate my heart from me. My heart never seems to stay in the same place because I gave it away. Heart, mind, seperate. Live for you, give me faith. Stand alone in this place. No more of this hate, my outlook is stable. Brothers and sisters, I urge you. All you can do is what you were made to do. Watch my body rot away, but my soul will remain always. Sleep for a night, in peace. Will it cross your mind to breathe? Your life went up in flames, and here you are again. You were created for a cause. What you’ve been looking for has been inside you all along. What you’ve been longing for has been inside you all along.
Track Name: The Words I Never Spoke
Do you know love? Do you remember our days of youth? Did you embrace the path paved before yourself? Can you hear the whispers of the secrets that we held? Is it time that I expose the secret that I keep? The words I never spoke, what do you see in me? You keep giving, and I keep letting you down. I’m sorry for these past few years I spent searching for myself, shutting you out. I swear that I’ve been trying to understand this life. It all points back to you every answer that I find. These are the words I never spoke because I’m afraid to be alone. You never really know what the future holds. But with hope in hearts, we will prevail. There’s always something more. Even in the darkness there is a savior. My greatest fear is the future even though you will provide. I’m scared to death of life passing me by. I just want to thank you for the serenity around me. For the ground below my feet, and for the wind beneath my wings. Even in the darkness I will see this through. I will expose the truth. We’ll make this earth renewed. What am I without you? So take all that I know. Bring our suffering to light. I’m so sick of these sleepless nights. The whole world’s crying out. We never made a sound. Their love is never found, but I will not be the hopeless one.